Ugly color profile on Radeon RX 580 (banding, over-saturation, fuzzy edges)

by Andrzej Stachlewski   Last Updated September 24, 2018 19:02 PM

I've just bought a new laptop the ASUS ROG GL702ZC (with Ryzen 7 and Radon RX580 on board) and the colour profiles in stock Ubuntu, Gnome and KDE are just messed up. Laptop has a nice IPS panel which works great in Windows but in Ubuntu it shows artefacts and colour banding (especially with dark gradients, eg. white to black gradient looks like a stripes pattern).

I have connected the laptop to the external monitor through the HDMI and it helped with a colour banding but saturation is just awful and edges of the fonts and icons are horrible.

I have also tried different colour profiles from the Internet and from the Windows but it didn't help.

From my testing it is obvious the case with the Radeon card behaving wired in Linux. Ubuntu works great on my desktop machine with GeForce GTX970 with the external monitor. Laptop also works fine in Windows and in Ubuntu VM running in Windows both on built-in display and on external monitor.

Please help me debug this issue. It would be amazing running just Linux on this machine rather than dual-boot.


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