aligning monitor edges with different resolutions

by Madivad   Last Updated May 25, 2018 12:02 PM

I have three monitors of varying resolutions, especially in the height dimension where they sit side by side. My main monitor is 4K (2160h) in the middle and I have two smaller monitors either side: 1200h on one side and 768h on the other.

The problem is the 4K monitor is beautiful and tight, but the others are larger old monitors but they each serve their purpose. The 1900x1200 monitor is physically the same size as the 4K monitor but pixel for pixel the 4K is almost double the height.

This means for half of the 4K screen my mouse cursor "bumps" the edge and I have to move up or down to get into the smaller monitor. It's worse on the other side.

Given the main and second monitors are the same height I would like for the mouse cursor to translate some Y coordinate so that going off the bottom of one monitor equalled the same position on the other monitor and the same on return.

Is it possible to have monitors of two different pixel heights, side-by-side but have their bottoms and tops align on the desktop?

Mathematically, as the mouse moved from 1>2 the Y coordinate would halve so that it "appeared" to be at the correct position, and would again double on the way back.

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