Do the Nemo devs get these?

by Tcll   Last Updated April 19, 2018 18:02 PM

I've been reporting these since I started using Xubuntu 16.04 a few (at least 6) months ago, but nothing seems to be getting fixed...

are they just ignoring the crash reports because there's so many??
(they must have over 100 or so from me because nemo tends to crash around 4 to 6 times a week)

the crash appears to be completely random, but always involves multiple tabs or windows.
the moment it happens is when (most occurring first):
- opening new or switching tabs
- opening a folder in the same tab (side-pane or sub-folder)
- regaining focus
- running (window just becomes inactive out of nowhere)

it has never crashed before opening multiple tabs or windows, but has always crashed after multiple tabs or windows have been managed. (including if currently running 1 tab when crashing)

the crash itself is a ~10 second hang on any of the above actions before all windows close.

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