Macbook, Can't boot from USB because has no administrator in startup utility

by AVB   Last Updated August 01, 2020 14:01 PM

When I was going to ReInstall a fresh copy of Catalina MacOS on my Macbook pro 2019, unfortunately I deleted all partitions instead of erasing them. As my internet connection is so unstable as much as I repeated installing the OS from the net, it was failing with different errors usually related to the network errors or corrupted raw data.

I created a bootable media flash drive by these steps

Now when I want to boot the device from the USB drive, enter image description here

it says "Security settings do not allow this Mac to use an external startup disk". enter image description here

I waned to allow my Mac booting from external media (as this link but It shows me the error: "Authentication Needed - You will need to authenticate as an Administrator to change the boot security settings."

enter image description here

And when I click on Enter macOS Password I see this error : "Recovery is trying to change system settings. No administrator was found."

enter image description here

I had never set a password for my mac bios and also I've removed my Macbook from my apple account too.

I've searched a lot and watched lots of youtube videos but didn't succeed anything yet. How can I fix my issue to allow me boot from the flash drive?

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