Linux RAID: Raid 1 Keep on working if boot disk fails on VM

by alovaros   Last Updated September 21, 2018 13:01 PM

So I have a Ubuntu 18.04 Server as Host and aswell as guest I installed the Guest as RAID 1 (Software RAID) with 2 Partitions (Both Partitions have a boot sector) Now I want to achiev if I loose connection to one drive (Later on the Drives both will lie on different Servers we use this in case one server crashes). So I tried disconnecting one of these disks. I can keep on working BUT just if it's not the Drive I booted at the beginngin from. As far as I Know RAID 1 should be able to work normally when one of those two drives crash. So what am I missing? Is a RAID 1 even the "Best" or atleast a "Possible" solution to this all? Please ask if you need any further information I am relativly new to Linux so I am not sure what infos you gonna need to help me.

Software Host: Ubuntu 18.04 Server Quemu/Virt-Manager for the VM

Guest: Ubuntu 18.04 Server

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