Acer Chromebook 11n7 C731 not booting from USB

by JanetBCanada   Last Updated September 20, 2018 16:01 PM

I perform charitable work with youth in South Africa and do not often have internet access, hence I am wanting to convert a donated new Acer C731 chromebook to run Linux Lite 3.8

I have been successful doing the above with two other chrome book models, but am battling with this one.

I have successfully loaded SeaBIOS (legacy boot) and set the gbb flags. OS verification is OFF and I have enabled USB booting.

However, when I put my USB stick in the boot menu gives me the option to boot from the USB, I choose it, the USB light flashes, a small Linux lite menu shows in the upper right corner (although the countdown to automatically launching does not countdown), I can choose run Linux lite, the LL feather logo comes up then after several seconds a black screen with some script shows for a very short period then it goes black and shows a flashing "-" and the light on the USB goes out. Nothing happens after that.

Any ideas of what I can do to get this USB to boot so that I can load and then if all is fine install LL?

Thanks in advance, Janet

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