see Unix userids in macOS

by Camille Goudeseune   Last Updated July 16, 2018 21:01 PM

I have a million-file 900-userid snapshot of an old Unix file server. On Linux I can browse it and have ls -l show usernames from the snapshot's /etc/passwd, by just chroot'ing to the snapshot's top directory.

I've copied this snapshot to an exFAT-formatted USB drive, to mail to a Mac user. But in macOS my chroot trick might fail to show usernames, because those come from DirectoryService instead of /etc/passwd. (He won't add 900 users to his Mac, nor will he install Linux on it.)

How can he view these usernames in file listings?

Or will he have to pipe ls -ln through a custom script that replaces uid/gid's with the names in that password file?

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