Rsync options I should use to clone external drive

by cclloyd   Last Updated June 27, 2018 03:01 AM

I need to clone an external drive to another identically sized drive. Rsync seems like the best simplest option for this, and I'll just hook it up to a cron job to run periodically.

But what options should I be using for it? I just need to clone all files and folders to the new drive, replacing older copies, and deleting files that aren't on the original drive.

The drives are mounted via fstab like so

LABEL=Osirion    /media/Osirion    exfat   defaults,umask=000,nobootwait           0       2
LABEL=Hyperion   /media/Hyperion   exfat   defaults,umask=000,nobootwait           0       2
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