How to schedule Server Backup/Recovery process

by susik   Last Updated June 22, 2018 03:01 AM

I have 2 Windows servers located in different geographic location. One server is used as file server i.e. shared location and have a directory tree with around 60 Gb of files. I need to have the same directory tree on another server in another city and keep those files in sync. They don't need to be 'live' sync i.e. it could be a few hours or a day diff but they should be kind of 'close' content. There are a few utilities that could sync files but I want to start with Windows Server Backup and Restore utility. My plan is to create a backup once a day and then restore it on another server. I think that way they will be in 'close' sync. Since the destination is remote/network server it will erase previous backups and I will have only one backup at a time ... which is OK for me .. It will create a folder called WindowsImageBackup on target server I know how to setup and schedule Backup procedure BUT could I setup automatic i.e. Scheduled Restore process on destination server. I mean e.g. I will backup at midnight (it'll take a few hours) and in a few hours destination server will start automatic Restore process from that latest backup. Is it supported and how could I do it? In other words: could I schedule Recovery process similar I did for Backup? Maybe I could use Task Scheduler for that but I need to know how to invoke Recovery process from command line then .. Appreciate your help ..

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