Data archiving strategy for my grand-grand-children to read in ~100 years?

by ryancey   Last Updated June 20, 2018 15:01 PM

I'm working on a custom, self-hosted data archiving system with the aim of being easily readable by my grand-grand-children in about a century.

Today, it's such a joy to stumble upon a pictures box in the grandpa's attic and spend hours looking through them. Tomorrow, our children won't be able to do that. Pictures and more generally data is buried under layers and layers of abstraction. I want to design an archiving strategy that will, among other things, allow them to plug the drive and easily see what's inside.

What filesystem should I be betting on to be still natively, cross-platform readable in a century if set up today? exFAT seems a reasonable bet but I'd rather go not proprietary.

Or should I rather choose whatever suits me better today (xfs and so on) and stick to the drive a manual with the tools needed to read it?

I'm quite new to digital archiving so any resource will be useful.

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