Can't connect to VM from Host in HostOnlyNetwork Configuration

by Sam   Last Updated June 18, 2018 16:01 PM

I am trying to create a VM on my Ubuntu linux machine. The VM I am trying to create is 12.04 Ubuntu 32 bit virtual machine. I have had success creating said VM from a Windows environment, but when I migrated to a 16.04 Ubuntu environment I can't replicate my success. The problem comes from when I chose a HostOnly network for my VM. On my windows computer, after setting the IP and subnet mask using Host network manager on Virtualbox, Upon selection of a VirtualBox host only adapter, I was able to make Packer ssh into my VM. However, when I tried the same thing on my Ubuntu machine, going to preferences -> network, and setting the IP and subnet mask, whenever I select VBoxnet0 and than have Packer attempt to ssh or when I ping into my VM from my Ubuntu machine, I get host unreachable. Both netstat and ifconfig are telling that vboxnet0 is there. Based on what I have written, what might be the reasons I can't connect to my VM?

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