Necromancer CTF Assigns an IP But Can't Ping

by user21303   Last Updated May 19, 2018 22:01 PM

I started playing a CTF called Necromancer from Vulnhub. It was working just fine. I set the network adapter to bridged mode and I was able to capture every flag up to the point where I had to exploit SNMP. In other words, working as expected. snmpwalker wasn't working the way I expected and a bit of troubleshooting determined that I couldn't even ping the host from my Kali VM or even my main Windows box.

I ran the following command from my Kali VM and it appeared.

arp-scan -l

However, I do know my arp list doesn't always update. One of my machines had appeared twice but it's still worth noting.

  • I updated VirtualBox and it's respective extension packs
  • Uninstalled Necromancer VM and deleted all files
  • Re-downloaded the OVA and re-imported into VirtualBox
  • Logged into Router. My Windows box says I have 3 clients running which makes sense (Windows, Kali VM, Necromancer VM)
  • Installed it on my laptops. All three fail
  • Brought one of the laptops to a coffee shop router to see if I could ping it. No luck. I can ping myself so there really should be no issue. But then again their router may have settings to prevent it. I don't know I didn't set it up.

What I can infer from this is that it IS connecting and it IS obtaining a valid IP address but something is preventing it from being pinged let alone scanned. What can I do to resolve this problem? I want to finish my game.

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