USB flash drive became Basic after installing BCD

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TL;DR: Used "Install BCD" option and USB drive became "Basic" instead of "Removable".

I have a 64gb Sandisk flash drive, which was about 80% full. I wanted to install windows from it but didn't want to format it and lose data, so I googled if such a thing was possible, and came about an article saying to copy the .iso content onto flash drive and then use EasyBCD feature "Install BCD" to make it bootable.


enter image description here

I did this and clicked Yes in the dialog, but when booting from usb it gave an error. I decided to move the files to pc and then use Media Creation Tool to prepare the USB, but to my surprise it couldn't see the drive. I saw that it had changed from being "Removable" type to being "Basic",

enter image description here

so the windows doesn't see it as a flash drive anymore. I can read/write to it without a problem.

I reformatted, deleted partition and recreated it multiple times. I tried lexar bootit but I don't think it worked.

Answers 1

"Removable" is a feature of the USB firmware (a bit in the Inquiry command), which should not disappear.

Did you already try erasing the first few sectors of the disk entirely (with a shredder program or directly with a disk hex editor)?

May 04, 2018 16:32 PM

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