Windows taskbar is problematic

by Wreigh   Last Updated January 13, 2018 17:01 PM

Hi everyone I got a problem about my Windows' taskbar.

So to give a background about what happened.

  1. My laptop was freezing frequently and I found out that it's because of a hard drive problem. I searched and it came to be a bad block problem.

  2. I did a chkdsk and saw that the problem is about the Bitmap thingy.

  3. I ran chkdsk /f to fix the issue; though it worked for an hour or two only.

  4. I ran chkdsk /r. I knew the possible risks that might happen, but still continued.

  5. After which, when I've open my laptop, (first, my login background was missing) and everything seems to be corrupted. Every directory that I try to open can't be opened. Some files in the desktop can be opened though; most of the icons are missing.

  6. So I knew it, my laptop was broken! What I thought immediately is to reformat it.

  7. And here come the final part. When I've decided to reformat my computer, I turned it on but in the middle of the boot it said something about "Repairing windows" or "Automatic Repair" thingy, so I've waited for it to finish.

  8. When it finished, my login background came back, I can already open the directories I can't open before, the icons are back. But one thing was broken, the task bar.

Here are the broken things:

  • pinned icons are gone.
  • The icons system tray icons are gone.
  • icons of opened applications are gone.
  • The Start and Search button are not working.
  • Start Menu won't show (even if the Windows key is pressed)
  • The show desktop button (the one on the farthest right) doesn't work.


  • Date and Time works but clicking it doesn't do anything.
  • The task view button works when clicked
  • There is the "More" icon in system tray but the icons were too few (compared to the last time I've opened my laptop)
  • Basically, all icons between the "More" icon and the "Date and Time" box were gone (yes, including the battery icon)
  • Right clicking on the task bar shows a context menu.

I tried restarting my laptop as well as restarting Windows Explorer, but to no avail, it is still the same. So I'm suspecting that the taskbar files were damaged or corrupted.

Please help!

Taskbar Screenshot

As you can see, Google Chrome is open but the no icon is present on the taskbar.

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