Win10: the other local user automatically logs in when I am logged in

by Guildenstern70   Last Updated January 13, 2018 16:01 PM

I have Windows 10 Pro v.1709. I have two local accounts: mine and the one of my wife. Starting from the latest Windows 10 update, not every time but let's say 70% of times, when I log in with my local account, I discover that my wife account logged in too - of course that was not caused by my wife! I know that because if I click on my account image on Start, my wife's account is tagged with "Accesso effettuato" ("Access done", I guess in English).

The same of course happens when my wife logs in and then, instead of disconnecting, she simply clicks on my account to end her session, and then I log in.

enter image description here

Instead, this happens automatically, as there was a process that wakes up and logs in.

What can be done to fix this unwanted behaviour?

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