Windows 10 doesn't use integrated Intel graphics

by rodit   Last Updated January 13, 2018 15:01 PM

I installed Windows 10 (Enterprise) recently and everything has been working fine. I use a laptop with an Intel 3210m which has integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. The OS is installed on an external USB hard drive.

I connected this hard drive to a different laptop which has an older 2nd gen intel cpu, with Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics. I was able to install the drivers for the older graphics by running the installer for them in Windows 8 compatability mode (the HD 3000 is not officially supported by Windows 10). I then plugged my hard drive back into the original laptop with the Intel HD 4000 and I can't use it. When I go onto the display adapter properties (right click desktop, display settings, advanced display settings), it says I am using the Microsoft Basic Display Driver (I'm pretty sure this just outsources any rendering to the CPU): display adapter properties

I have reinstalled the drivers for the HD 4000 (from Intel's website) and it shows up like this in device manager:

device manager

I'm pretty sure before that the little pci-looking chip icon that is next to the Intel HD 4000 in device manager used to be a little monitor icon (like the one next to the 'Computers' label).

I have reinstalled drivers and restarted a few times now and nothing works. I have tried completely removing the graphics drivers, rebooting and reinstalling them and I still have the same issue. I am sure that the laptop really isn't using the HD 4000 as when I try to run a very graph plotting application that uses OpenGL, the CPU usage rises to 25% (a single core's full usage) which suggests that the CPU is being used (and games use 100% cpu while running at half a frame per second). Is there any way I can fix this (I really don't want to reinstall windows).

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