Harddrive removed and put back, Windows 8.1 stopped working correctly

by Michael Sanders   Last Updated December 07, 2017 11:01 AM

this is what I did on my notebook (Gateway NV55C): 1) Properly installed Windows 8.1 on a newly formatted hard drive 2) Run the system for a few days (worked correctly) 3) Removed the harddrive 4) Put back another harddrive with Windows 7 installed (the system I had before) 5) Run the Windows 7 system for a few days 6) Removed the harddrive 7) Put back Windows 8.1 harddrive

The Windows 8.1 booted correctly and works almost fine, but several programs stopped working without the admin privileges and it behaves like the whole system lost admin access by default. (I cant access some basic folders without it; it thinks that some folders are from an another windows installation? Therefore some software does not work as it used to.) Some software icons also dissapeared.

Another problem is that for example no options show after clicking with right mouse button on the Start icon (in the past it did show correctly the options to shut down computer or many others like control pannel).

I never encountered the problem before while changing Windows XP or Windows 7 harddrives. What exactly is its cause?

Do I need to reinstall the system and never do such a thing again or is there a way to repair it?

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