How to extract multiple data in a cells to separate cells

by Jan Nieboras   Last Updated November 15, 2017 07:01 AM

I would like to ask for your help, with the below. So far, I only found a solution that extracts the first required string, but ignores the rest of them in a cell.

Starting data (each row represents separate cell in a column):
This is a [table].
[Table] has four [legs] and a board.
On the table, you can put a [plate], [fork] and [knife]
Version of the table is [2.0].
There can by [any val_ues12] in brackets

I need to extract all the values in the square brackets to separate cells and include the square brackets. For the above example, it would be great if there was a second sheet created with following cells:
[any val_ues12]

See the screenshot of sample Excel:
sample Excel

Can anyone help with this, please?

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