"Blur" photo metadata from command line?

by ludinom   Last Updated October 27, 2017 17:01 PM

When I'm posting photographs to social media, I often want to blur parts of the image to remove personally-identifiable-data. This is straightforward with any number of image manipulation tools. Suppose I want to do something roughly equivalent with the picture metadata? For example, I'd like to randomly skew the date and time taken, so that someone interested can still get a rough idea of when it was taken (date and time of day), and randomly skew the GPS coordinates--say, round them to the nearest quarter-mile. I might or might not want to remove other data such as the camera type. It needn't be precise, just anonymize the metadata enough that I don't feel icky about someone knowing exactly when and where I was. It seems straightforward to do this using EXIFTool but the reading, skewing, and then rewriting of metadata would be a bit cumbersome. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, is there a straightforward way to do this? Thanks for any help.

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