How to use MEW to access simple wallet contract created in Ethereum Wallet / Mist

by PLaub   Last Updated January 14, 2018 04:28 AM

I picked up some ETH around a year and a half ago and left it in a simple wallet contract created using the Ethereum Wallet / Mist in July 2017.

I'm offering a reward of $100 in ETH to the person that can help me gain access to this ETH as I'd like to move it into cold-storage.

For a couple of weeks now I've been attempting to access the wallet by syncing to the blockchain but much like others, I have been unable to get past the last few 100-150 blocks each time.

The light sync is practically unusable and I believe I do not have enough storage space to sync the full blockchain as it has massively increased in size and does not fit on my current hard drive.

If I had left the ETH in my account:

I couple simply use MEW to transfer the ETH out of the account and be done with Mist.

However... thinking I'd be smart and add an extra layer of security / learn to use the wallet interface by doing, I've left the ETH in said simple wallet contract:

More information on wallet contracts:

I am aware that MEW has added contract functionality and I have the keystore associated with this contract (a single sig. contract) that should in theory unlock the ETH and make it accessible, however even with the correct ABI input given the MEW contract options I cannot work out the way to extract the ETH from this wallet either to the account associated or to a different address.

My question (or essentially plea for help) is:

1) Is there a way to interact with my wallet contract using the MEW contract interface (or another software)


I believe there are 2 other fixes that are possible also...

1) There is a way to reduce the chaindata folder size of the blockchain import (pruning), though I believe there is still functionality issues with importing the last 100-150 blocks given the reading I've done on github. Are there people out there that have successfully synced to Mist in recent times, if so, how?

2) Another potential fix is importing my private key into Parity and gaining access to my wallet contract here instead. The Parity option is something I haven't looked into too much, is it at least theoretically possible to import a keystore and gain access to associated wallet contracts through Parity?

Thanks for your time.

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