Altcoin Development: Rewards from mined blocks end up in the right place, but don't appear in "Recent Transactions"

by apt-getschwifty   Last Updated August 05, 2018 18:27 PM

Obviously this isn't a major issue, since I can see the funds for the blocks I am mining are ending up where they should, but it just kind of irks me that I can't see them in recent transactions, or even by running "listtransactions". The only way I can tell it is making it to the correct address is because I can see them in the wallet once they mature.

I am mining via NOMP pool I setup myself that does require the username be a valid address, and "validateaddress" does show all of the addresses I have pointed my rewards too are in fact valid and that I do own them.

Could this be related to segwit deployment? Because segwit is fully deployed/active on the network.

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