Getting old address while restoring

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Long CreationTimeSeconds = Pref.getValue(activity, Config.PREF_CreationTimeSeconds, System.currentTimeMillis());
                List<String> strlist = UtilsFunctions.getMnemoniWordlist(activity);
                DeterministicSeed deterministicKey = new DeterministicSeed(MnemonicCode.toSeed(strlist, ""), strlist, CreationTimeSeconds);
                KeyChainGroup keyChainGroup = new KeyChainGroup(Constants.NETWORK_PARAMETERS, deterministicKey);
                Wallet wallet = new Wallet(Constants.NETWORK_PARAMETERS, keyChainGroup);
                DeterministicSeed deterministicSeedReceiver = wallet.getKeyChainSeed();
                ArrayList<String> mnemoniccodes = (ArrayList<String>) deterministicSeedReceiver.getMnemonicCode();
                android.util.Log.e(WalletFragment.class.getSimpleName(), "Wallet:: " + wallet);
                android.util.Log.e(WalletFragment.class.getSimpleName(), "Wallet Address:: " + wallet.currentReceiveAddress());
                android.util.Log.e(WalletFragment.class.getSimpleName(), "Wallet Balance:: " + wallet.getBalance(Wallet.BalanceType.AVAILABLE));

This is my code for restoring wallet from seed.

When I run this it gave me old initial wallet address but as I send some coins to another at that time this address is changed.

So instead of getting new address at the time of wallet restore, I got initial address.

Please help me with this.

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