P2Pool Payout Addresses vs Worker Addresses

by Thom Ives   Last Updated February 13, 2018 06:27 AM

I initially did a setup of 3 Antminer D3's following DIRECTIONS AT THIS LINK.

I used a payout address for my P2Pool command line that I created in my Dash Core wallet. I did NOT initially use wallet receipt addresses for each of my miner's worker names, but instead called them DASH01, DASH02, DASH03.

As I continued to research, seeking to find ways to optimize my mining and my miners on my P2Pool, I learned to set the difficulty using address+diffnumber. That led me to realize that the REASON I was NOT seeing complete stats for my miners on my P2Pool monitoring web pages, was because I was not using wallet reception addresses generated by my wallet/node for my worker names.

Now that each worker has a separate wallet/node receiving address, I can see all the stats.

Herein lies my question. Should none of my worker addresses use the same address as my payout address? I am confused about this particular point. Thanks for clearing up any conceptual errors too.

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