Bootstrap don't work in my pdf report in Odoo 10?

by Dmab92   Last Updated October 15, 2019 11:26 AM

I'm using odoo 10 in windows10. My pdf report is not taking the CSS styles well. I have testing allow the bellow suggestion but it doesn't work.

1st Suggestion

If your report doesn't have styles try to add some of these parameters in Settings > Parameters > System parameters:

web.base.url: <IP address>:<Port>
web.base.url.freeze: True. If this parameter is not used then if the administrator log in Odoo the web.base.url parameter is updated with the current addres that's in the address bar.
report.url: <IP address>:<Port>. This should be used if web.base.url parameter is not enough to make it work. Usually this url should be:

2nd Suggestion

Also it is possible that the package wkhtmltopdf is not well installed or it has not the correct version. Here you can check the release 0.12.5 that works well with Odoo v10 and later versions.

3rd Suggestion

As it is suggested here, the report contents must be inside this element with that specific class:

screenshot code

Can you guys have another suggestion to give me ? I need a help please

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