How would you recommend visually presenting an interaction term from a conditionally logistic regression?

by AEH   Last Updated October 20, 2018 19:26 PM

I would like to plot the interaction term from a coxph model from the survival package in r. I have tried interact_plot from the jtool package, but I keep getting errors and suspect that interact_plot does not support coxph objects.

My model is


hiitime.coxph<-coxph(formula=Surv(rep(1, 77748L), y) ~ 
                               strata(id) + cluster(id2),data = data, method = "breslow")

The response y is binomial and x1 and x2 are both continuous. What I need is a plot that visualises how the probability of y varies with x1 for different values of x2.

Any recommendations other than interact_plot?

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