5 wire, Logic Output Photointerupter/Slotted Optical Switch

by Andrew Quinn   Last Updated May 23, 2020 00:25 AM

I am trying to get a digital output from a 5 wire photointerupter.

The p/n is OPB903w55z, it is configured as an inverted open collector.

I have used 4 terminal transistor output photointerupters before with success, but I am really striking out on this one.

What I have so far: Photo Diode --->Anode going to +5V through 220 ohm resistor, Cathode to GND. Photo Transistor ----> VCC to +5V through 220ohm resistor, Output disconnected, GND to GND through 10 Mega-ohm pull down resistor and arduino A0.

I am able to get a 1.7V when the photo-gate is clear, and 0.7V when it is interrupted.

In order to get a digital ouput, I need 3.3V on interrupted or non-interrupted state, and ideally 0V on the alternative state.

I have have tried experimenting with as many combinations I can think of on the phototransistor, pull-up resistors on VCC, pull-up/pull-down on the gate/output, voltage dividers on the GND, and still no further progress. I have also tried just putting the Output straight to a A0, but it will show only 0V regardless of the interrupted condition.

Hoping someone smarter than me can help!

Thank You!


enter image description here enter image description here

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