Behavior of Failing AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators)

by Samzun   Last Updated October 20, 2018 06:25 AM

I have 3 pcs of old static based 500W AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators). They have 240v & 120v outputs. I plan to use it just for the 120v output (my main ac is 240 volts).

How can you tell if an AVR is already defective. I mean what's the worse thing that can possibly happen to the AVR? Like if some componenents are no longer working, can the voltage become double or fluctuate in the middle of use even if the source voltage is constant? (anti-AVR mode?)

Or are AVR forever because even if some parts are no longer worker. At least it would still produce output (especially step down output) even if you don't need the voltage regulator function? Or can the output destroy your gadget?

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