TWR-VF65GS10, how to programm?

by Andy   Last Updated September 28, 2018 06:25 AM

We have a task to design IEEE 61850 compatible board. So we considered several options for MCU for the board: stm32f7xx series or something more powerful like NXP MVF6xx series or Sitara AM3358 series. The question is how to design software for these platforms, if for the stm32f7xx it is quite clear for me (we can use either HAL/StdPeriph libraries and FreeRTOS) then for more powerful MCUs it is unclear because they all appear to run under embedded Linux. So as far as I understand if we for example choose NXP TWR-VF65GS10 platform as reference design we are bound to use embedded Linux and systems like buildroot/Yocto project to create our own embedded Linux Image and there is no way to use such platforms without embedded OS? Also which is the best option for fast proccessing of TCP/UDP streams - stm32f7xx with LwTCP/IP (without OS) or more powerful platforms with embedded Linux? Thanks)

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