BB Transformer?

by john   Last Updated September 26, 2018 17:25 PM

I'm looking at a table with data and am not an electrical engineer, so I could use some help deducing what this data means. I believe each row supposed to represent a distribution transformer, but I'm not sure.

Each row has a 'FeederId' (4 unique feeders in total) and a unique 'DTranId'. I have a column named 'SectionId' with three types: BB, OH, and UG -each with the associated numerical id after the identifier.

There is also phase data with each row. I have found that all of my UG transformers are three phase ABCN and all of my BB data is single phase, AN, BN, or CN.

I am assuming that OH means overhead transformer and UG means underground transformer. What does BB most likely mean?


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