Is ESP32 circuit design correct?

by user1085907   Last Updated August 14, 2018 11:25 AM

I designed circuit ( ) which is basically ESP32 board with power jack for 12V battery and LED outputs. Im not so sure why I can't detect it via usb port. I let board make at china from company JLCPCB. Board seems to be high quality made. Can you see there any errors? I pinged traces for micro usb to CP2102 and also rest of components -> they should be fine. Also measured voltage on ESP32 which is Ok 3.3-3.4V. Can I detect component damage? Maybe while I was soldering with hot air I damaged it? I was hot airing for 30s max. Air flow was 350C.

So question is .. bad design => missing something. Or component damage? Probably CP2102?


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