Arduino Nano disconnecting from PC on plugging in 3.3v NRF24L01 into PCB

by Liam J.   Last Updated August 10, 2018 03:25 AM

I've built this PCB which includes two I2C port expanders, an Arduino nano, inputs for buttons and encoders, and headers to plug in an NRF24L01 board. PCB Currently, I just have code running to read two encoders plugged into J12 and J11 on this schematic, and send how far each of them have turned over the serial port. schematic This all works perfectly, the problem comes when I plug in the NRF24L01 into the headers on the board. As soon as I do, the arduino disconnects from the PC; I get the little noise from Windows, both the COM port and the device disappear, and it resets the arduino. However, I can still see the TX LED light up, so the code is still running and the data is transmitting over serial, the PC just doesn't see it anymore. As soon as I remove the NRF board, the nano reconnects and works as usual.

I've tried plugging in an external power source and get the exact same behavior, so I don't believe it's an issue of the NRF drawing too much power. I've tried several different NRF boards as well, so it isn't an issue with the specific board I have plugged in.

What could my problem be?

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