Gerber Viewer With Good Measurement Tools?

by Leroy105   Last Updated August 08, 2018 19:25 PM

I'm trying to measure some trace widths using Camtastic in Altium. I have to say, I really find Camtastic very finnicky when I try to zoom and pan. The measure distance function (which I am trying to use here to capture trace widths for an RF system) I've never really liked.

I'm coming from a reasonable amount of skill with Solidworks.

Could someone recommend an alternative Gerber viewer (doesn't have to be free), that is not so finnicky?

I've used GERBV last time I was doing my Gerber-trace-ninja-fu, and remembered thinking it was better but I'd like something even easier. I'm literally to the point of taking a screenshot and transposing this darn thing to Photoshop....

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