QT1070 inconsistent readings on touch pins

by scottc11   Last Updated August 08, 2018 04:25 AM

I recently transitioned my projects capacitive touch IC from using the MPR121 to the QT1070.

I am getting irregular/inconsistent readings on one of the touch pins. In this particular situation, it is Pin 7 (which equates to "key6" from the docs)

Does anyone have any experience operating this chip, particularly in comms mode with I2C?

I am using the schematic below (from the datasheet), and am using 4.7k resistors on all the touch pins.


Is it possible I have to play around with this "detect threshold" business from the docs?

Detect Threshold The device detects a touch when the signal has crossed a threshold level and remained there for a specified number of counts (see Section 5.10 on page 19). This can be altered on a key-by-key basis using the key threshold I2C commands.

I should note that the resistors are not attached to anything, as it is currently operating on a bread board.

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