Custom PCB with ESP32 WROVER: could not flash firmware in Arduino (boot mode problems)

by kosmo   Last Updated August 02, 2018 09:25 AM

I am trying to build my own PCB on base of ESP32 WROVER module. I've tried to use standard connection of FTDI chip (using mini USB female port on PCB), suggested here: and

PCB Design

Now, when I turn on DTR and turn it off - esp32 reboots, the same when I turn on RTS and turn it off, but not when both of them are turned on.

Problem: to enter BOOT mode to make it possible for to connect and flash firmware I need to take wire and connect GPIO0 to GND manually - then it works.

But in ESP32-WROVER-KIT I don't need it! I just press "Upload" in Arduino IDE.

Question: what should I add to make this working as in WROVER-KIT?

Tags : arduino pcb

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