I cant seem to figure out FCC or any testing for that matter

by Steve Stein   Last Updated January 14, 2018 07:25 AM

this website has a wealth of information and after browsing for quite a while I cant seem to answer my question. I am interested in selling an LED PCB light in the US. It operates on 24v1amp DC powersupply and the light has a total wattage of 20watts. It also has a dimmer with temperature control. The dimmer just so happens to also emit a few RF frequencies for wireless controll which I actually dont need. Its says it has these optional output frequencies: 0.5K、1K、2K、4K、8K.

So my question is I have a very niche market maybe 100 of these products per year. So obviously 20,000$ of testing is simply way out of the question.

I'll be honest what do I need to do to sell this product with no testing!?

The powersupply 24v1a switching powersupply. Is it legally required to have FCC.

The Dimmer with the RF frequencies must have FCC approval?

And finally the LED pcb board does it need any testing?

Secondly, The Dimmer actually may already have FCC approval from china im not sure if it is legit though(Ill have to investigate that further).. IF it is approved do I still need to test the entire system for FCC approval or is it sufficient just to have FCC testing on the dimmer. Basically I am interested in the cheapest possible method of selling this low margin low volume product to a few of my friends in interest clubs.

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