Programmable oscillator voltage spikes (DS1086)

by Tony   Last Updated January 14, 2018 06:25 AM

I need a very precise clock for an application and thus picked up a programmable 5V oscillator: a Maxim DS1086.

I programmed it to about 3.57 Mhz according to the datasheet and controlled the result on an oscilloscope:

DS1086 clock out

While overall it's working and I get a 0/5V clock at the desired frequency, there are two big voltage spikes on the rising and falling edges. The clock even goes 1.2V below ground on the falling edge! (ground level indicator is the little "1" on the left).

My question is: how is this even possible? Would it be the scope that's seeing things that aren't there (it's a Instek 60Mhz GDS-806S DSO)? Would feeding this clock to an IC potentially breaks it?


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