Suppression Capacitor Across 12v DC Motor Run From Regulated 12v 2A Power Supply?

by stevlav   Last Updated January 14, 2018 06:25 AM

I've been looking at other posts and can't find a clear answer -

I'm powering a 12v DC motor from a 12v 2a regulated power supply and

1) Do I actually need a suppression capacitor?
- I understand that it would prevent unwanted "noise" from the motor but apart from that would it reduce sparking at the brushes and increase armature and brush life which is what I'm interested in.

2) Then if I do need one to prolong the motor life what type is best? - its only practical for me to fit one in parallel across the input wires to the motor in this case and there is no earth.

Thanks so much for any help, I love this website!

(i'm making a replacement power supply for some dog clippers and cant help but notice that the manufactures one had some complex circuitry including a capacitor between the DC motor and the positive from the adapter which makes me wonder ... though the negative from the adapter goes straight to the motor??)

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