Replace/Repair Resistor type to drive 5V dc-motor for old toy

by cainhs   Last Updated January 14, 2018 05:25 AM

I have an old toy that drives an 5V dc-motor. The wires around the motor is brittle and suspected burnt. circuit overview

Resistor view

This toy uses 2x 1.5V batteries or 2x 1.2V Nimh batteries for powering the whole toy. When the motor initialize or reverse in direction, it hung and causes the circuit to stall. This results in the motor to be super hot. From the picture, the resistor is Green-Black-Gold-Silver which is 50*0.1 10% = 5 Ohms 10% resistor (metal oxide)?

I suspect the 3x capacitors and 2x resistors at the motor died. I notice that there a number of different types of resistor like metal oxide film resistor, metal film resistor, Cermet resistor, carbon film resistor, wirewound resistor.

What resistor is recommended for this application in a humid environment? Is a fusable resistor advisable to use to prevent motor overheat?

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