Powering a buck/boost converter, how much amps can I get?

by Mike Gleason jr Couturier   Last Updated January 14, 2018 03:25 AM

I have a 12V/3.2A switching PSU powering an LTC3780 buck/boost converter rated at max 2-30V/0-10A.

Let's assume 100% efficiency, can the LTC3780 achieve more than 3.2A if set for example at 5V? I guess it is a general electronic question. Do we have to 1) think in watts here or 2) assume the amps out can't be higher than the amps in?

If we have to think in watts, would it mean that...

PSU: 12 * 3.2 = 38.4 Watts

LTC3780 @ 5V: 38.4 / 5 = 7.68 A

The LTC3780 would be able to push 7.68 amps @ 5 volts? (again, let's assume 100% efficiency)

Thank you!

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