Creating Exposed Copper Pad (new to eagle)

by Multimarcus   Last Updated January 14, 2018 01:25 AM

This question is probably similar to some I've found on the forum already, but I can't wrap my head around it... so I am adding an image. I have designed a PCB with a doughnut. It is made out of two concentric circles, it has very few components and traces on the bottom. On the top layer it should have a custom shape in exposed copper, which is there only for aesthetics.

I managed to import the shape as dxf on the top layer through a script and I created the ground fill on the bottom, it looks okay. Once I do the ground fill it on the top layer, only the area containing connectors has the copper pour (see attached image).

The rest is only a large amount of ‘islands’.

Do I need to populate them with tiny vias, considering they don't surround any component? Do I need to place the same decoration on the tStop layer as well in order to be able to have the exposed copper showing on top?

I am attaching a closeup of the board for reference.

Thank you so much for helping!

Image of the issue from my screen


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