Heat problems for STM#2F103C8T6 in enclosure

by Michel Keijzers   Last Updated August 17, 2017 11:25 AM

For my hobby project, I'm intending to add a STM32F103C8T6 (and later STM407VET6 or ZET6) into an enclosure.

For worst case case, let's take the 407, the datasheet can be found here.

On page 80, there are stated some power dissipations (between 435 and 543 mW). Also some temperatures are shown on the page.

What I want to use in them (maybe spread over two devices, but let's assume I put everything in one STM32):

  • Reset button
  • Maximum 10 small LEDS (3mm, some bicolor). if these will cause too much power/heat I want to use smaller ones or less. Also the LEDs will be very sparsely on probably (at least most of them). They are for notification only. I would assume a total power consumption of 100 mA (assuming some are one more than others, so assuming 20 mA per LED, on average 5 are on).
  • A few dozen ferrite beads
  • 4 or 5 6N137 or similar optocouplers
  • CAN bus driver (MCP2551 breakout board)
  • One or two (2.4 GHz transceivers)

Used peripherals:

  • 6-8 UARTs
  • CAN
  • Some timers
  • One or two SPI ports (for the nRF24L01s)
  • CAN


  • No low power mode
  • Maximum CPU frequency (168 MHz for STM407)
  • Enclosure !

Would I get in trouble putting these STM32 in an enclosure ... I assume I need to add some holes possibly? What other measurements should I take to prevent them frying in their enclosure?

(note: I know I can probably calculate the exact power consumption, but I want to have a general idea about what I can expect, since I never have built a real project, and the only time I put an Arduino in an enclosure it got fried, but it was connected with a 12V adapter).

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