Metal enclosure for custom car stereo project

by NagyI   Last Updated April 13, 2017 16:25 PM

I'm thinking about developing a custom car stereo, and it surprised me that there's no DIY enclosures for this purpose. I've just found plastic boxes in the 1 DIN size which can be installed into an empty radio apartment of the car to hold stuff, but they are not an option for electronic development. I'm looking for something which is made of metal and allows me to mount a PCB inside and fixing the connectors on the back of the box. (optionally with ready installed ISO connectors, antenna socket and a front plastic panel to cut out for controls would be nice aswell).

Is there really nothing for this, or I'm just searching with the wrong keywords?

(Maybe it's not the best place to ask. If it's so then please redirect me to the correct Stackexchange subsite and will move this question there.)

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