What are methods used to cool a small residential enclosure (cabinet)?

by Michael Plautz   Last Updated April 14, 2015 20:10 PM

I have a cabinet in which I intend on putting the following:

  • A server
  • A switch
  • Other AV equipment

The cabinet is probably 30 cubic feet in volume. It doesn't have slots for ventilation - it only has the tiny cracks where the doors open. This is at a residence, not a business (therefore I only have 110/120 VAC).

I'd like to regulate the temperature of this cabinet, because I am sure stuff would otherwise overheat.

What are methods appropriate for accomplishing this? (If possible, I'd like to not make slots in the cabinet doors, for aesthetics).

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Formalizing my answer from the comments section: Look to see if you can (passively or actively) vent your cabinet via the bottom into the crawlspace under your house, since that is not visible but still accessible. Make sure you don't overcomplicate it though, and make sure you don't damage anything structural in your house (e.g. don't cut through any joists :) and watch out for existing ductwork and wiring).

Oh, and remember that heat rises, so you will likely need to use the active venting route with a fan, but since you have access to power for your server and AV equipment, I don't think that will be a problem ...

Phil B.
Phil B.
April 15, 2015 19:47 PM

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