Where do public policy questions related to biology go?

by isakbob   Last Updated May 23, 2020 00:24 AM


This question is mostly copied from a similar one inside Biology Meta Stack Exchange. It has been mostly copied here to reach a wider Meta audience in the hope that a proper Stack Echange for the linked Biology Stack Exchange question will be found.


I asked this question on biology stack exchange to get the scientific reason behind Massachusetts' reopening policy of requiring masks even with a vaccine.

I thought I made sense to ask on Biology Stack Exchange, because there is a higher likelihood that is the place where people are knowledgeable about virology could readily provide a relatively credible epidemiological reason behind the policy. I would not expect the same from Politics.SE.

That said....I can see how it might be off topic in Biology.SE. But I am just not sure which stack exchange to ask the question at this point.


Where do biologically related public policy questions belong?

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