Hello. Why I am here.

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Hopefully, this is no wrong place for this post. If so, then please move it.

I and my friend have been very active in technological areas of Quora for years with unstoppable curiosity.

I was into technology since my early childhood. Aged 3 years, I was perfectly able to use CD/DVD players.

Aged 11/12, I was kicked out of a technology store by employees, who realised, that their knowledge about smartphones is less detailed than mine. That was a few years ago, where I enjoyed guiding customers about which smartphone to purchase.

I am here to expand my space for knowledge exchange. There are rare questions only I can think of, partially about ancient technology, where knowledge is hard to find.


▪ How does the iPhone 8 manage to reach extreme video recording framerates? (already asked on VideoHelp).

  • Why does the OnePlus 5 still have only 720p@120fps video recording? Was it technically not possible to increase that limitation?

▪ After erasing a floppy disk using a magnet, also new files can not be written, but formatting is still possible. Why is that? * Why does formatting a floppy disk take 3 times longer than writing an 1.44MB file? (Floppy Disks are considered as obsolete, but I can be nostalgic.).

  • Why does a SATA adapter freeze the H653B disc drive? (Already asked on Club.MyCE.com).

I probably forgot mentioning something(s) here, which will later be added by edits.

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