Implement Paytm integration in my website

by Bhavika Nimbark   Last Updated January 13, 2018 07:24 AM

I want to implement online paytm payment in mvc 4.5 For that I need some Parameters Like MID,CHANNEL_ID, etc. following parameters i need to integrate paytm in my web application. so please tell me if anyone knows how i get this parameters.

String merchantKey = “merchantKey value” ;
Dictionary parameters = new Dictionary();
parameters.Add("MID", "mid value");
parameters.Add("CHANNEL_ID", "channel id value");
parameters.Add("INDUSTRY_TYPE_ID","industry value");
parameters.Add("WEBSITE", "website value");
parameters.Add("EMAIL", "email value");
parameters.Add("MOBILE_NO", "mobile value");
parameters.Add("CUST_ID", "cust id");
parameters.Add("ORDER_ID", "order id");

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