Can I find the draft of my question that was deleted?

by Dagelf   Last Updated February 24, 2017 22:24 PM

I put a lot of effort into drafting a question, and received some comments and updates via email, but when I log in I'm just greeted with a page saying the question was deleted, and none of the "similar questions" are similar at all.

Is it possible to find the text that I spent quite some time drafting? I do not have copies in my email, only abbreviated snippets are included, not enough to reconstruct the whole question.

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If you received comments and updates, it's not just a draft, but it actually has been published. You can view your recently deleted questions by going to the Questions tab on your profile on the appropriate site (e.g. and click the 'Deleted recent questions' link.

December 04, 2016 11:36 AM

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