Draft feature expanded to multiple drafts!

by TMP   Last Updated August 15, 2016 08:10 AM

The draft feature was discussed a lot here and in other posts, but i didn't see much talk about the OP's mention of being able to have multiple.

Optionally, allow multiple draft questions and a page to edit/delete them.

I think the draft feature where it autosaves and stores it server-side is great, but in most things where they have a draft feature (like email clients), they allow you to have multiple drafts (also stored server-side). The expiration can even work the same as it does for the single draft system right now.

You wouldn't even need full page to store them, I think the user profile page could have a tab for it like it currently has for answers, questions, and everything else.


It could look very similar to how questions look, with it's title and tags listed there.

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