Problem with legend position

by Hadi Sobhani   Last Updated May 14, 2018 07:23 AM

I have been using the tikz package to plot my graphs. When I want to describe each graph in a plot, I use "legend entries" and using "legend pos" I can manage the box describing the graphs. But now I want to have some legend entries in a different position as it can be seen in the figure that I have attached it. Here is a code that I want to make a change in it.

\documentclass[12 pt]{article} 
\usepackage[margin=1 in]{geometry}
    level/.style   = { thick, },
    connect/.style = { dotted, red   },
    notice/.style  = { draw, rectangle callout, callout relative pointer=        {#1} },
    label/.style   = { text width=2cm }}


\begin{tikzpicture}[scale=2, ]
        legend entries={$1/2[400]$,$1/2[411]$,$3/2[402]$,$1/2[420]$,$3/2[411]$,$5/2[402]$,$1/2[431]$,$3/2[422]$,$5/2[413]$,$7/2[404]$,$1/2[440]$,$3/2[431]$,$5/2[422]$,$7/2[413]$,$9/2[404]$,},
        legend pos=outer north east,legend columns=2 ]
        \addplot [thick, Apricot]       table {sdg1.dat};
        \addplot [thick, Aquamarine]    table {sdg2.dat};
        \addplot [thick, BurntOrange]   table {sdg3.dat};
        \addplot [thick, black]         table {sdg4.dat};
        \addplot [thick, blue]          table {sdg5.dat};
        \addplot [thick, BlueGreen]     table {sdg6.dat};
        \addplot [thick, CadetBlue]     table {sdg7.dat};
        \addplot [thick, DarkOrchid]    table {sdg8.dat};
        \addplot [thick, Brown]         table {sdg9.dat};
        \addplot [thick, ForestGreen]   table {sdg10.dat};
        \addplot [thick, Goldenrod]     table {sdg11.dat};
        \addplot [thick, Green]         table {sdg12.dat};
        \addplot [thick, cyan]          table {sdg13.dat};
        \addplot [thick, JungleGreen]   table {sdg14.dat};
        \addplot [thick, gray]          table {sdg15.dat};


This code gives me enter image description here

But I want to have

How can I figure it out? enter image description here

You can acces to data file clicking the here.


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