How to fill the intersection among four curves?

by Di Miao   Last Updated May 04, 2018 18:23 PM

In my problem, all curves are plot from data instead of explicit function. And what I want to do is to fill those little curved rectangles with different colors. How could I do it?

enter image description here

Here is the tex for generate this figure.



\begin{tikzpicture}[scale = 5]
 \begin{axis}[hide axis, axis equal, view={0}{90}]

    \foreach \f in {1,2,...,4}{\addplot[mark=none, color = blue,thick, smooth, line cap=round] table [] {curvpts_\f_u.txt};}
    \foreach \f in {1,2,...,4}{\addplot[mark=none, color = blue, thick, smooth, line cap=round] table [] {curvpts_\f_v.txt};}


Here are the data files.

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